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We did it!!!

We are proud to announce that we met our $10,000 goal for Safe Haven Ministries!!! Neither The Mitten nor our project partners The Mitten State and DeVries Jewelers could have met this lofty goal without the support of our customers and team members, so thank YOU for showing us your LOVE!#loveshouldnthurt

Testimonials from the board members and some of our most eloquent community partners.
What makes us unique? We're the result of what happens when a small business stays rooted in it's community and dedicated to the people who live there.

Members of the board, inaugeral year, 2017

About us

Mitten Foundation plans to partner with a few carefully selected, non-profit organizations in an effort to raise both funds and awareness that benefit our community.

Find out where we started, who we partner with, and how we plan to support our community.

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Have no fear! There are plenty of ways for you to support the organizations that serve your community.

Donate your time or money because being a hero is just a click away!

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